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Celebrating the Legacy of Africa in the Caribbean

Child of Africa Story celebrates Caribbean connections to African history, culture and heritage. We aim to enlighten and inspire with our content, as well as address misinformation about people of African heritage.

Our Mission

Child of Africa Story is concerned with boosting the confidence and pride of people of African-Caribbean heritage through positive stories.

Over the decades, Africans in the Caribbean have challenged the racist legacy of colonialism, we have preserved African spirituality and kept African cultural traditions alive through Carnival, dance, art and inventions like the steelpan of Trinidad and Tobago.

Regrettably, although we have contributed to the development of the Caribbean and our influence is global, the story of African-Caribbean people is still largely unknown. Our community also tends to be disproportionately impacted by crime, poverty and the fragility of family life.

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The Story of Africa in the Caribbean

If you know where to look, there are aspects of African culture and heritage all over the Caribbean.

The brutal system of enslavement that lasted for hundreds of years did not quell the warrior spirit of the millions who were forcibly taken from their homes on the African continent. The enslaved held on to as much as possible of their African customs, nation languages, culture and spirituality.

Today, elements of Africa are evident in virtually every aspect of life in the Caribbean region. From callaloo soup, stew chicken and pound plantain, to our music, dance, the way we speak and belief systems, the story of Africa is ever-present in the Caribbean.

Child of Africa Story is a space dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Africa in the Caribbean. We explore the impact of ancient African traditions on the African-Caribbean story and examine the ways these traditions continue to mould our societies today.

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Centuries of African Stories

Enslavement brought millions of Africans to the Caribbean space; more than anywhere else. However, the story of African peoples began centuries before this evil trade in human beings. Our African story is rooted in the leap of the Masai warriors from Kenya, intertwined in the Bantu Knots of the Zulus in South Africa or woven into the elegance of the royals in Ancient Egypt.

There are centuries of African stories that celebrate life, hard work, discipline, family and love.

We welcome you to be part of our journey as we uncover the stories of Africa and celebrate their enduring presence in the Caribbean.