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  • Obeah: The healing magic of African spirituality

    Confident black woman with left arm bent and hand on chin. Lady is white top with mixed colour white and blue beads and blue head wrap

    Mama Yemoja Fierce beauty lapping gently at my feet In generational ritual I bow before you whispered prayers flow with the rhythmic crest and fall of your waters… Ida, my grandmother pushed out her mouth. I had already seen her carry the bucket of water with bush leaves into the…

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  • Spent time with Mama Yemoja today

    Black woman in pink throw over with hands outstretched at beach with mountain scape in background

    Spent time with Mama Yemoja today. Made offering to say thanks for the blessings and offer prayers for continued life, health and strength. Stay tuned for more of my little adventure and stay safe #silkcottonsecrets #yemoja #orisa #blessings #yoruba #africanspirituality #peace #maracas #grateful #africantraditions #africanheritage #proudlyafrican #blackisbeautiful #beautifulpeople #knowyourhistory #loveyourculture…

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  • Privileged to be able to step into the cool waters

    African woman's dipping foot at edge of seashore

    Privileged to be able to step into the cool waters of Mama Yemoja as she surrounds my home and gives us life. Asking please for people to act responsibly, stop being selfish and follow the regulations so our beaches can be reopened. Apart from the important revenue for coastal communities,…

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  • Obatala Festival held in Port of Spain in January

    Procession of African celebrants in white at the Obatala festival Trinidad

    Obatala Festival held in Port of Spain in January this year. Every year, the Ita Oosa Shrine in Woodbrook hosts this festival to honour the Orisa divine energy, Obatala. Devotees ask the Chief of the White Cloth as he is known, to bless us, our families and the earth with…

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  • Shine your divine light today

    Fishing boat on beach with sun about to rise above mountain in distance

    Shine your divine light today. Lift the corners of your mouth, soften your eyes and experience the difference in your spirit. Give thanks for life and the strength of the African warrior blood flowing through our veins. Ase Ase Ase #silkcottonsecrets #divine #light #life #spirit #peace #divine #warrior #survivor #wisdom…

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  • In the Yoruba belief system as practised in TT

    Procession of followers of the Egungun aAfrican festival

    In the Yoruba belief system as practised in TT, ancestors are referred to as Egungun. We pay honour and respects through the Egungun masquerade. More than commemoration, this is a highly spiritual practice, requiring the guidance of an Egungun priest to ensure that the correct rituals are observed. In the…

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