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Diaspora - August 15, 2021

Memories of Neg Mawon in Haiti

Neg Mawon monument in Port Au Prince, Haiti
Sparing a moment to send positive energies and strength to the people of Haiti. In this pic, Eintou and our Haitian friend Frantz who transitioned a few years ago, stand next to the Neg Mawon  monument in Port au Prince.
Neg Mawon is Haitian Creole for The Black Maroon. Maroon communities in countries such as Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad comprised former enslaved who escaped and established new lives in the mountains. This statue is a symbol of Haiti’s independence and pays tribute to the men and women who fought for freedom.
We gives thanks for their sacrifices and pray for the people of this proud nation. Viv Ayiti – Long live Haiti.
Stay safe. Ase.

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